Health Expert Kevin Gianni A Powerful Interview With David Rainoshek

“There are some people who you just know are smart. David is one of them. He stands out among his peers. He’s also diligent. He’s a true researcher.”

– Kevin Gianni, creator of Renegade Health

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Part 1:
Intro: David Rainoshek’s Juice Feasting Miracle

Part 2:
Transformation and The Spectrum of Diet

Part 3:
David’s Masters Work with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Part 4:
What is Juice Feasting?

Part 5:
What Kind of Juice? Is it Too Much Sugar?

Part 6:
How Much Produce Each Day?

Part 7:
And Fiber? Cleanse. Rebuild. Rehydrate. Alkalize.

Part 8:
What is the 92-Day Juice Feasting Nutrition Program?

Part 9:
What are the Results of Juice Feasting?

Part 10:
Healing for My Dad: The Power of Juice Feasting